Dancing Since 1992

Halliday Dance is a professional dancing school. We focus on the joy, passion, technique, and love for the art of dance.

10 Styles of Dance

From Praise Dance and Ballet to Hip Hop, Modern and Lyrical Dance...You'll find the dance style that is just what you're looking for!

50+ Competitions

Halliday Dance has participated in over 50 competitions. Our dancers have fun perfoming all across the Tri-State area.

81 Dance Recitals

Each year Halliday Dancers perform recitals to show-off their hard work. Preparing for and participating in this special moment is something our dancers look forward to each year. You'll be so proud of your child as they take the stage!

Why Choose Halliday Dance?

Mrs HallidayWith 20 years of hard work and excellence and many competitions won and recitals performed, Halliday’s dancers range from 2 years old through adulthood. Dancing is a wonderful activity for children and adults.
In children, dancing has been proven to improve neurological development, flexibility, and balance, increase physical strength, and boost your child’s confidence. For adults dance can greatly improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health.
You are never too old to start dancing!! Ms. Frieda Halliday would LOVE for you to join her dancers at the studio! 
Dance Studio Hours:
Monday – Friday 4:30pm-10pm
Saturday 9am-6pm

Halliday Dance Highlights

A compilation of Halliday dancers over the years in a quick 4 minute video. Check us out!